The Judicial System – An Important Step Towards Cultivating a Civilized System of Support for Victims of Sexual or Domestic Violence

I am a lawyer and have been practicing law for 22 years. I have practiced in several fields, including criminal and penal law, family law, and I currently practice municipal law. You are probably wondering what that has to do with our issue at hand, and my answer would be, it has little to with […]

COVID-19 L'organisme La Sortie est présente durant la COVID - La Sortie's organization is present during COVID (pexels-anna-shvets-3786126)

February 2021

COVID-19: A call for donations for the survivors and victims of sexual exploitation. The Way Out is calling out for donations to help women during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these women find themselves in precarious situations, as they suffer from symptoms of the virus. With confinement, they are often locked up with their pimps, […]

surmonter les obstacles - overcoming obstacles (angelina-litvin-K3uOmmlQmOo-unsplash)

December 2020

Overcoming the obstacles Overcoming the obstacles! After completing the “Alternative to the Sex Industry” reintegration program offered by The Way Out, Mirina found a position working in the restaurant business, enrolled herself into university and found an apartment. Driven by the desire to continue this journey, she frequently consults a psychotherapist who accompanies her on the journey […]

2020 Virtual Gala - La Sortie

October 2020

The Way Out’s 2020 Virtual Gala presented by the Mobilia Foundation VENEZ DÉCOUVRIR NOS ACTIONS VEDETTES DE L’ANNÉE! Adapting ourselves to current events: 2020 Virtual Gala The global pandemic situation of 2020 has greatly affected all of us! For practical and legal reasons connected to the COVID-19 situation, The Way Out has decided to host […]

La Sortie - Services pour les parents des victimes

August 2020

To help parents and relatives of victims Services, support to help parents and people close to victims of sexual exploitation As expected, during the past few weeks of lockdown, calls for help at the residence have become more and more frequent. Help and support to parents is required. In addition to working with the women […]