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Gala 2020 - Important message

The year 2020 will not be quickly forgotten. The impact of COVID-19 on the lives of each of us has been particularly striking. The team at La Sortie was also affected, but we can say with pride that despite the major challenges brought about by the confinement and the closing of many Montreal organizations, we were able, where possible, to continue to provide our services to help victims of sexual exploitation. Safety measures were implemented for our residents and our staff while we continued to offer help to survivors. For external participants, help was provided particularly through video meetings and calls. During lockdown, our organization alongside other resources in the province noticed a lower volume of calls for help. We are thus preparing for a post-pandemic situation in the coming months as we, and other organizations anticipate an increase in needs (and consequently an increase in demand for direct assistance to victims).

Nonetheless, we are aware that the coronavirus pandemic has also inevitably affected our generous donors. We are grateful for each of your charitable donations, and we fully understand that in times like these, it is not in fact generosity that is lacking, but rather a shift in priorities where attention geared towards the instability of such a crisis takes precedence. It is for this reason, and with regret, that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Annual fundraiser Gala in its known format.

Given the current pandemic and the resulting world economic situation, we did not deem it appropriate to host a live, black-tie gala dinner with its accompanying high-end entertainment.

Instead of our usual, annual fundraiser gala, this year, due to the circumstances, we will be hosting a virtual event! We are currently working on the specifics for this event, but once the details are developed and this remote project comes to fruition, we would be honoured with your presence and participation. The entire team at The Way Out thanks you for your understanding and reminds you that although our virtual fundraiser gala is upcoming, donations can be made at any time by clicking this link.

It is our intent to provide more specific details about our event as soon as they are available. We take this opportunity to extend our wholehearted gratitude for your continued involvement in providing direct assistance for victims of sexual exploitation.

« Your involvement really makes a difference in a person's life »



The funds raised will be used to provide help and support, to continue to develop a housing resource so that sex trafficking victims can undertake steps towards social reintegration.

This support system primarily aims to equip the participant to discover and re-establish their sense of autonomy, a mindset and lifestyle change that leads to personal freedom to develop life skills.

In addition, this support system aims to help establish a healthy community network founded on family and societal values.

Our past events

GALA 2019

Profits raised            70 000 $

Participants                    190



Lieu de rassemblement


Reception Hall Le Crystal

Musical performance

Performance musicale de Take 4 Jazz à La Sortie aide les victimes d'exploitation sexuelle

Take 4 Jazz